SOLUTIONS is a chemical consulting and service company specializing in commercial/industrial water treatment since 1995.


We specialize in boiler water, cooling water and wastewater treatment and have extensive experience in all areas of water treatment which include, but are not limited to new construction, chemical engineering/consulting, HVAC water treatment, industrial applications, condo/commercial water treatment as well as traditional chemistry/biochemistry for wastewater treatment. We have CFIA approved products for food plant programs and the ability to custom formulate chemical treatment products for any treatment application anywhere in the world.


We bring extensive expertise to the operational efficiency and environmental sustainability of businesses through cost effective and results-oriented maintenance and preventative programs that work hand in hand or on an individual needs or “per project” basis. This facilitates our dealings with new construction and engineering support services.

Our full service, hands on treatment programs are maintained on an equal monthly basis to ensure budget targets are met and program costs are predictable.


SOLUTIONS takes pride in offering aggressive pricing, excellent program performance and top notch service.


We believe our SOLUTIONS products and services are second to none and will enhance and improve your current operations.



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our services or problems within your manufacturing processes.